Is your Website "FOCUSED" 2

Is your Website “FOCUSED”

Behind every website, there is a purpose. Some websites are created to sell products online, some are to demonstrate the artworks in portfolio, while some websites are aimed to promote your business and bring leads.

As we thrive to create effective web presence for our clients, we often observed the lack of focus, mainly because of unawareness about capabilities of Web as a promotional medium.  Every business has a mission statement. Mission statement is about the very existence of organization. Similarly creating  focus for your website is of up-most importance.

The focus of your website will be the driving force behind everything one does with the website, including design, UI-UX, contents & SEO ofcourse. The focus will be unique for each site, as each Website is a different project, and a new beginning. Focused efforts will bring clarity in all aspects of website, and more chances of success.

How to build your FOCUS

FOCUS of a website is dependent on the mission statement of your client, but it needs to be formulated in the context of role of website and marketing strategy. Answering following questions will help creating a focus for your website.

  • Why people should visit your website?
  • What is your USP? What different your website (in turn your business) is offering to the potential clients?
  • Why people should buy my products/services/offerings?
  • What is the purpose of my website?
  • How I will be using my website in collaboration with marketing collateral.

Once FOCUS is clear, next step will be conveying that to your website visitor, via contents, UI & experience. More about it in later blogposts.

Let me know your observations, suggestions in the comments.


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