Why Businesses should have a Website 2

Why Businesses should have a Website

Website is not meant for just selling your goods and services, it’s also about providing something of value to your potential customers.

Digital revolution has changed the world. A decade ago, you used a phone book to call a plumber and now you use search engines and apps for the same cause. Buyers have become smarter and are looking out for the right information, from the right source for their problems. Your website can do that for you.

Here are top reasons why a business should have a website and what you can do with it

Why Businesses should have a Website 3
  1. Establish an online presence – Awareness about using the internet before making purchase decisions is increasing in India. With the popularity of mobile internet access, it is the most logical thing to do is, search for information about shops, businesses, facilities etc. before visiting one. Having a website helps in this.
  2. Increase visibility – Website often appears in search results for specific keywords. Thereby spreading awareness about your business to more and more users.
  3. Always available information about your business – 24×7 – Shop/office has operating hours, not every time you can provide necessary information to prospective customers. A website is available 24×7.
  4. Increase in credibility – Company with a proper & updated website definitely builds more trust for further discussions.
  5. Better Marketing opportunities -Website serves as a contact point for your online marketing activities. Let it be Facebook or Google ads for that matter.
  6. Easy to inform new products/services – You can update your website quickly, and making an announcement of new offerings is never been easy before.
  7. Time-saving – you can share your website link over messages/WhatsApp etc to offer detail of your business.
  8. Know your customers – Website analytics can give you details about demographics & geographies from where customers are showing interest. Handy tool to focus on those areas.

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