Hosting for your WordPress site & where to find it 2

Hosting for your WordPress site & where to find it

As covered in Startups guide to Effective Website planning Website is often an important aspect of your business & marketing plan. Having a good website is necessity, having a fast website is equally important. Website is combination of multiple services working in synchronized manner, viz. Domain name, hosting, Actual Website files are 3 necessary things, while optional services include Email service & SSL certificate (for HTTPS).

Web Hosting

Webhosting is a storage space used to keep (Host) website files and make it available over internet. Such spaces are usually shared from a very high performance computer called Web Server/Cloud and it is connected to high speed internet connection, in order to make your website available to the WWW.

Hosting plays very crucial role for a website to load quickly. When any business decides to go for a website, the site and CMS gets the top priority, and hosting is often selected from most popular & well-advertised hosts, at some cheaper plans, which may become expensive on renewals. This article helps you avoiding these common mistakes & selecting appropriate hosting for your WordPress site.

Good Webhosting should be

  1. Performance/Fast – Website should load & load faster, is important parameter. Though hosting is not entirely responsible for speed, but it is one of the important.
  2. Reliable – Web hosting should be reliable with consistent speed & uptime. If you get complaints that your website isn’t live, or finding emails randomly getting bounced, try to get an uptime monitoring service. If this issue is frequent, it is time to switch for better hosting. Because if your site is not accessible, it is of no use.
  3. WordPress facilities – PHP is crucial for WordPress website. Having a PHP version latest than PHP 7.1 is necessary. PHP supports few cache mechanisms like Memcached, Opcache & Redis. Play around the appropriate options and enable the caching in WordPress for better performance. Even though WordPress is famous for its simple installer, there are often one-click installers available, which makes process further easy.  
  4. Storage space & Bandwidth – Usually have 3 to 5 times of more hosting space than the size of your website. This will make sure to have 2-3 backups and yet scope growing website requirements. Ideally hosting shouldn’t be less than 1 GB, ideally 3-5 GB hosting is recommended.
  5. Customer Support – Fast & responsive support is essential part of any hosting service. Ideally if your support request isn’t getting update within 24-48 hours, one should think of moving to different host.

Types of Hosting

There are two main types of Webhostings available for WordPress

1. WordPress Hosting

This is specialty web hosting meant for optimum performance of WordPress sites. This is the recommended hosting for medium to heavy traffic WordPress sites, magazines, blogs and eCommerce. This type of web hosting is often slightly expensive as compare to other hosting services, but it is worth that investment.

We recommend following WordPress hosting providers

  1. Flywheel – Now part of a WordPress giant WPEngine, Flywheel is amazing hosting starter point for WordPress site. With easy to upgrade plans, it balances the price and performance. Based on Google Cloud, it offers uptime assured & reliable service – For More Details click here.
  2. Kinsta – Kinsta has robust & aggressive pricing and flexible plans. it uses Google cloud and gives special attention to the security of site.
  3. TrulyWP – TrulyWP is new player in the market, which has simple pricing and solid features. It also allows additional WordPress installs at nominal cost and prices include CDN as well, which is differentiating feature. For More Details Click here.

2. General Purpose Webhosting

There are different types of general purpose webhosting services available, from shared hosting like Godaddy, Bigrock etc to Cloud & Baremetal servers. With some configurations, these services could be used for hosting a WordPress website. There are following types of webhosting available

  • Shared WebHosting – Cheapest form of Webhosting, ideally suitable for small and low traffic websites. In this type of arrangement, server resources are shared between few hundred or more sites. It is value for money, at a cost of performance & security. Sudden flow of visitors can make your slow or unavailable.
  • Virtual Server – If you are a bit techie, and knows command line basics, you can follow tutorials and get your own virtual server to host a WordPress site. Providers like DigitalOcean offers virtual server as low as $5/month, and with little tweaking, it could be ideal point to host your website even for growing traffic & flash sales scenarios. Try DigitalOcean with $100 credit for two months using our affiliate link. We have a tutorial for installing an advance WordPress server, available on our github ( ). Having a good backup like Blogvault is always recommended as this will be mostly a DIY system.
  • Baremetal Server / Dedicated Server – This is enterprise/publisher grade solution for Webhosting. Dedicated servers offer immense pool of resources, at equally heavy investment. It is often recommended for very high volume websites or for storing very sensitive data like financial transactions. Most of the WordPress sites never really need this kind of infrastructure.
  • Cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting is collections of decentralized resources, which has ability of scaling and self healing. This is widely used for extensive & flexible workloads. Majority of WordPress Hostings are super specialized Cloud hostings. This is available with many leading providers, but if you want to use it for yourself you need to spend some good time configuring and interconnecting various services.


Overall, Webhosting is wide field, and available at almost all price tiers. Hope this post helps in selecting appropriate one for your needs.

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