Upgrading WordPress and Stuck in the Loop

WordPress automated upgrades are around for quite a some time, and it comes handy often esp. in terms of Security upgrads. At Vikcon, we handle more than 100 WordPress installations, for our clients. Though we have standard set of plugins with us, sometimes things do get broken.

During latest WordPress security update 4.7.1 , we observed similar issue. 99% of websites went to latest version flawlessly, but few, Like a popular blog. It stuck in the


With error that server not responding/taking too long to respond. This is classic case of almost complete, but not complete upgrade.

While website front-end operates perfectly, only the Dashboard (/wp-admin/) stuff is affected. This issue happens when there is a version mismatch between the files (Upgraded to latest version) & in DB (possible partially upgraded). I suspect the reason for this is incomplete resource allocation from web host side.

How to RESOLVE this!

  1. Use your FTP/SSH/File manager to locate a file /wp-includes/version.php
  2. Open the file & locate an entry for
    $wp_db_version = xxxxx;
  3. Carefully note down the number appears in place of xxxxx above.
  4. Close the file without editing/changing/saving it.
  5. Now access your WordPress database, Easier way to do it is by PhpMyAdmin or Adminer utilities.
  6. Open the table wp_options & locate for entry db_version and a number in the next field. e.g.
  7. Just change the DB number entry to the number which is the File we accessed in Step 3.
  8. Then it is done. Refresh /wp-admin/ path & you are good to go.

Let me know if it works for you as well.


Currency woos? Collect payment online

& How we can help!!

On November 8, 2016, Our honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, announced one of the most ambitious & revolutionary reform in Indian Financial System. Currency denominations of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000, the most frequently used in high value cash transactions, are banned.

Reasons are many, so as impacts.

Most of our customers are SMEs, and with average transaction range is around 1,000 to 5,000 Rs per transaction. This is the business segment which is facing major setback for the new regulations.

For example, Renewal for normal website costs around 2,000 to 3,000 Rs for 1 year. Often paid to us in the form of cash or cheques, NEFT being next popular way. But we were finding the online payment collection solution, which will be affordable, hassel-free, easy to integrate & with quick payment cycles.

Our search ended with WordCamp Pune, as we were registering for. We found the gateway handy & explored it. It is from Instamojo.  Now we prefer to accept payment from Our instamojo link. Support is also quick, as well as friendly.

Instamojo has ZERO registration/activation fees, as well as ZERO annual cost. Only charges are Rs. 3 + 2% of amount per transaction. Your money will be in your account on 3rd Business day. Quick that is.

In the light of recent events, if you are looking for online payment collection solution, we will recommend joining Instamojo. Additionally if you join using our referral link, you can earn upto Rs. 500.

If you are looking for a payment gateway for your eStore, we can help integrating Instamojo gateway to your website as well.

Now the better stuff about it.
Not all payment gateways provide integration to various Wallet providers. As cash & banking transactions are taking toll, due to currency exchange, you can supercharge your instamojo payment gateway, with wallet integration for PayTM wallet, OLA money, Freecharge wallet etc. for FREE for limited time.

If you have any questions, about instamojo, feel free to tweet them on @instamojo

Additionally we are here to support.


Do you have contact details on Website?

There is a new advisory from Government of India to the businesses who have website. As covered by NextBigWhat, it is mandatory not just for eCommerce websites but for all the businesses who have operate a website.

Contact details necessary are

  1. Business Name
  2. Address of its regd office
  3. CIN telephone number, fax number, if any,
  4. e-mail address
  5. Name of the person who may be contacted in the case of any queries or grievances.

Details to be published on home page & landing page.

Why it could be?

We believe this is a welcome step, will help building trust for online businesses, and can be helpful in case of support requests. Eventually, every website, will have atleast one physical address, which will help keeping check on fraudulent websites.

Have you updated your website?

Startup’s Guide to Effective Website Planning

Building a website for your startup is one of the most exciting exercise. In today’s connected world, website serves as primary communication point for your startup.

But, there are just too many choices available, and this leads to confusion. Few providers claim to offer website as little as Rs. 2500 (<$40), while few insist for, easy to use, Do It Yourself type of sites, which are monthly charged, to few people who charges like $2.5K for a single website. Besides price, php, asp, cloud, html, hosting, cms etc. jargon.

If you are looking to have clear website plan for your startup, this article is for you.

Before thinking out of the box, Define the box first.

As you are looking for a website (typically a startup corporate website), lets get few things clear.

  • Website is set of inter-related services working together. Failure in any of these service can take your website offline, or in popular word “Website is DOWN”.
  • Website is representation of your business, over the great World Wide Web.
  • Every website is unique, just like your business. The extend of uniqueness, differs, as per requirement.

Now the details of each aspect.

Domain Name 

It is the unique name/identifier of your website, but it is not all about your website. Domain names are to be registered with international regulatory body ICANN, via network of its ICANN accredited registrars & it’s resellers. Domains can be registered on yearly basis, common slabs include, from 1 year to maximum 10 years.

Pro tip – Always register the domain with your name/your organizations name. Never keep domain name ownership with Web Developer/Web Agency etc. It is your intellectual property.

Domain cost is yearly recurring.

Web Hosting 

Website is set of inter-related files, working together to deliver an experience in visitor’s browser. As we store our regular files on Harddisk of PC, Pen drives or CD-DVDs, we need a place to keep the website files. Also that place needs to be connected to internet 24 x 7. It cannot be our standard desktop or laptop system in this case.

Web Server is a high capacity and performance computer which is connected to very high speed internet. As server is of very high capacity, a standard corporate website cannot always utilize the whole capacity of that server. Also it will be expensive to operate a server for a small website (here I am referring to website less than 1GB of total size).

Instead of operating/leasing/owning a server, its advisable to lease a small fraction of server storage for our websites. This can be purchased as per hour basis (in case of cloud hosting) to per day, per month or per year basis. This is a basic idea of Shared hosting. Which is recommended for small, not much interactive websites.

If you want to operate a resource rich website like, video collection, eCommerce, social network etc, standard shared hosting will not be sufficient. In that case, one should look for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting, or Cloud hosting. These choices are more of technology & market driven.

Web hosting cost, for a standard corporate/agency/startup website can be monthly or yearly recurring.

Pro Tip – Web hosting services can be based on various different technologies. Discuss with your website developer before purchasing/finalizing web hosting. There could be incompatibility issues.

The WEBSITE itself

Building a website, is not simply a task that can be completely outsourced to some agency/individual.

Website is representation of your business on Internet. You need to finalize how that representation will be. The information to be shared, images, facts, details, technical descriptions etc. has to be compiled by client (by You).

Also check the websites similar to your business.

Finally its you who knows your business well, you can describe, justify & differentiate it effectively than anyone else…

This information helps Web Designer & Developer, to build effective customized web presence for your startup.

Get your team involved in the exercise of requirement planning, design confirmation & content creation.

Do not try to copy, or get influenced by existing websites which are not in your core field of business. Consult with your web designers, developers (or with us)
e.g. an attractive video based website can be great for a performer, but cannot be effective for a travel agency.

“Responsive” is a buzzword right now. Responsive website layout, adapts itself to various devices of different sizes e.g. Mobiles, Tablets, Normal screens, Very large screens etc.

Pro Tip – Insist your Web Designer & Developer to have Responsive Website. It is almost like unwritten rule now a days.

Try to avoid Do-It-Yourself kind of website creator services, to maintain individual appeal of your website.

It should be as UNIQUE as your Business



P. S. – We offer consultation services for creating effective web presence & online promotions. Get in touch with us, for more information.

Is your Website “FOCUSED”

Behind every website, there is a purpose. Some websites are created to sell products online, some are to demonstrate the artworks in portfolio, while some websites are aimed to promote your business and bring leads.

As we thrive to create effective web presence for our clients, we often observed the lack of focus, mainly because of unawareness about capabilities of Web as a promotional medium.  Every business has a mission statement. Mission statement is about the very existence of organization. Similarly creating  focus for your website is of up-most importance.

The focus of your website will be the driving force behind everything one does with the website, including design, UI-UX, contents & SEO ofcourse. The focus will be unique for each site, as each Website is a different project, and a new beginning. Focused efforts will bring clarity in all aspects of website, and more chances of success.

How to build your FOCUS

FOCUS of a website is dependent on the mission statement of your client, but it needs to be formulated in the context of role of website and marketing strategy. Answering following questions will help creating a focus for your website.

  • Why people should visit your website?
  • What is your USP? What different your website (in turn your business) is offering to the potential clients?
  • Why people should buy my products/services/offerings?
  • What is the purpose of my website?
  • How I will be using my website in collaboration with marketing collateral.

Once FOCUS is clear, next step will be conveying that to your website visitor, via contents, UI & experience. More about it in later blogposts.

Let me know your observations, suggestions in the comments.


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